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Mercer University Alerts

April 7, 2023

IT Outage Update

1:05 p.m. – The University continues to bring IT systems back online following Wednesday’s outage. As of Friday afternoon, the following additional systems are accessible
April 6, 2023

IT Outage Update

3:12 p.m. – Based on a thorough analysis by IT staff and external consultants the University is confident at this point in time that Student Information System data, employee data…
April 6, 2023

IT Outage Update

11:14 a.m. – The University continues to bring IT systems back online following yesterday’s outage. As of Thursday morning, the following systems are accessible

About This Site

The Mercer University Alerts website is your resource for up-to-date information about campus alerts or closures and openings during inclement weather.

Notices are also available through the Emergency Hotline numbers.

Atlanta, Douglas County, Henry County and Newnan: (678) 547-6111
Macon: (478) 301-5335

As a situation progresses, updates will also be available through local news media, this page, text alerts and group e-mails.

Important Numbers

Emergency: 911
Macon Campus Police: (478) 301-HELP (4357)
Atlanta Campus Police: (678) 547-6358

Emergency Procedures

The Mercer University Emergency Preparedness Plan guides emergency preparedness, response, and recovery procedures and goals. The plan applies to a broad range of emergency incidents, which are classified according to their severity and potential impact.

Tornado Response Plan

Basic instructions if a tornado is in your area: go to an interior hallway or closet on the lowest floor away from windows. Visit the Mercer Police website for more information.

Emergency Alerts

Students, follow the steps below to register for emergency alerts:

  1. Log in to MyMercer.
  2. Click the Update your primary mobile number link located in the Student Privacy section on the homepage.
  3. Re-enter your MyMercer User name and Password.
  4. Enter your 10-Digit Mobile Number.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Your emergency alert registration will take effect within 48 hours.

Employees, follow the steps below to register for emergency alerts:

  1. Login to Workday.
  2. From the home page, navigate to your worker profile page by clicking on your worker profile photo in the upper right corner and click View Profile.
  3. From your worker profile page, click the Contact tab on the left. The Contact tab displays.
  4. Click Edit and select Change My Home Contact Information to change your personal contact information. Within each section,
    click the Edit icon to change existing information, the Delete icon to remove existing information, or the Undo icon to revert to the last saved version. You can also click Add to add new information. Click within a field to edit. Click Submit to save your changes.
  5. Under the Contact tab you can also add or change your emergency contacts: Click the Emergency Contacts subtab. Click the add edit button to enter or modify your emergency contacts.
  6. Click Submit to save your changes.
  7. To change your SMS Emergency Notification preference, click on Overview.
  8. Click on the Additional Data tab. Next, click Edit underneath Emergency Notification.
  9. To opt out of SMS Emergency Notifications, check the box. If the box is already checked and you now wish to receive SMS Emergency Notifications, uncheck the box.
  10. Click OK and then click Done.

Parents and others, follow the steps below to register for emergency alerts:

  1. Send a text to 67283 and include “Macon” in the message.
  2. You’ll receive a notification that you have been added to the list.
  3. You can cancel the notifications by entering “STOP Macon” in the message.